Ascent GIS has been doing business in Spokane since 1998, proudly serving our local clients as well as those located throughout the U.S.  Our technical staff  has over 65 years of combined GIS and GIS technology experience.  We are experts at providing you the best solution for your GIS needs.  We are 100 percent focused on GIS.

It is our 100% GIS focus that gives Ascent GIS an edge in assisting organizations and businesses that are interested in designing, building and maintaining spatial information. We specialize in providing GIS solutions for  Government, Businesses, Private Organizations, and Educational Institutions.  In fact, there's a good chance that we've done business in or near your city.

Ascent GIS and Associates
Mike McGuire (principal) mikem@ascentgis.com
GIS Product Specialist, GIS Project Manager, Business Administration
Mr. McGuire is one of Ascent GIS’s co-founders and principals.
He has over 15 years background in GIS and remote sensing technology.
Russ Martin (principal) rmartin@ascentgis.com
Senior GIS Analyst, Hardware Specialist and GIS Database Designer
Mr. Martin is one of Ascent GIS's co-founders and principles.
He has over 20 years background in GIS, hardware and remote sensing.
Eric Erickson (PhD)
Senior GIS and Image Analyst, Geophysicist, Project Manager and Database Engineer
Mr. Erickson has over 20 years background in GIS